Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

The Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing the way society functions. In order to mitigate the spread of the virus, many local governments have ordered all residents to shelter-in-place until further notice. Merit Cares recognizes that there are individuals in our communities who are more at risk of developing serious  complications from COVID-19 and may need to stay indoors entirely for the foreseeable future. 


In order to ensure that all individuals in our community have their basic needs
met and know they are not alone, Merit Cares will match one low-risk individual
with one high-risk individual so that they may check-in on one another via
phone or other appropriate means and so that the low-risk individual can help
the high-risk individual with any necessary errands or tasks. 



Simple really. Low-risk individuals will be matched with a high-risk individual to ensure that they have access to basic needs.

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Who we are...

Merit Cares is a volunteer arm of Merit Management and is a platform to help neighbors connect during the Coronavirus pandemic so that no one in our managed communities has to face this crisis alone. Find out more about our company at

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Additional Resources

The city of Tampa and Hillsborough county are great sources for additional information and local resources. Click below to visit their websites. 

Accepting Donations

Monetary donations can be made on via  If you wish to donate frequently needed items such as groceries or hygiene products, please complete the I Want To Help form.