We want to sponsor your kid’s artistry through a driveway and sidewalk art exhibit:

Art from the Heart

Right now many people are looking for ways to keep children busy and more people are walking the neighborhoods than ever before, so let’s dress up that concrete with a contest!

Here’s how it works:

  • Merit will buy chalk and drop it off at your house, if requested. (E-mail admin@meritfl.com if you need chalk)
  • Your kids create chalk artwork on sidewalks and/or driveways.
  • You send us photos of your children creating their masterpiece and the final piece.
  • We will choose winners from different age groups in each community on the last day of each month.
  • Winners will receive a surprise.
  • Photos will be posted to this website for others to see (names and ages will be kept private).

To enter, e-mail the photos, property address and children’s names and ages to Admin@meritfl.com.
Contest "Rules": We would love to see everyone’s artwork and encourage the whole family join in, however, contest entry is just for the kids. Please only submit their work. There are no restrictions on what can be drawn, how large, what color, etc. Please disclose your child’s true age. If multiple children work on a project, tell us all ages. We’ll figure out the details. Only one prize per child (but feel free to create new pieces as frequently as you wish and we will post on our website for others to see).