Need Assistance?

Are you at high risk and in need of assistance?

In order to help ensure individuals who are more at risk of developing serious complications from Covid-19 can still meet their basic needs, Merit Cares is offering a matching service between individuals who are high-risk and those who are low-risk. Individuals will be matched to one another until the end of the pandemic or until one of the two decide to not continue with the match. For the purposes of this form, individuals who are considered high-risk include those who are 65 years of age and older, people who are immunocompromised including cancer treatment, those with chronic lung disease or asthma, people with heart disease with complications, liver disease, renal failure, diabetes, sever obesity, and other underlying conditions.

Once a match is made you and your COVID-19 Match can coordinate the delivery of essential supplies such as food and toiletries. You and your match can also help one another feel less isolated by checking-in on the phone or by other electronic means. Please follow all directions provided by the CDC to mitigate community spread.

This match program is being organized by Merit Cares for the benefit of those in our communities. By completing the sign up form to be matched you agree that you accept all risk and responsibility and further hold any facilitator associated Merit Cares and Merit, Inc. harmless. For any additional questions please contact

We will match you with someone in your community as soon as a volunteer becomes available. We will do our best to meet all requests but cannot guarantee a match for all in need.

*****IMPORTANT:  During deliveries of supplies or any other contact made between neighbors, social distancing as recommended by the CDC ( shall always be followed.  Volunteers shall not come within less than six feet of any neighbor who they are helping at any time.  Volunteers are asked to never enter the home of any high risk individuals unless it is an emergency situation.

All grocery purchases should be ordered and paid for through the Pubix Online shopping link ( or other similar local site.  Volunteers shall not pay for or collect payment from home bound residents at any time.  Volunteers are not responsible for locating items that are not available at the time of ordering.

Waiver: By selecting “I agree” above, I agree that I would like to be contacted by Merit Cares to receive a match and/or be contacted by my match directly. I accept all risk and responsibility and further hold any facilitator associated with Merit Cares and Merit, Inc. harmless.

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